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A question can only have one accepted answer. Are you sure you want to replace the current answer with this one? You previously marked this answer as accepted. Are you sure you want to unaccept it? Write for DigitalOcean You get paid, we donate to tech non-profits. DigitalOcean Meetups Find and meet other developers in your city. I want to set up a small mail server. I have got Postfix on Ubuntu working, but now I want to add some level of spam filtering using the zen.

The Spamhaus instructions suggest trying this command:. Can I configure my droplet to use some DNS server that does return replies from zen.

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Hi, I'm trying to configure the nameservers on my domain control panel. I tried: ns1. I used the My droplet is Ubuntu Virtual hosts on Apache have been setup and work fine even with Ghost self-installed! I am wanting to set up an email server, likely following the tutorial here for I'm trying to setup my server so that emails get forwarded to users personal email accounts.

I don't want to have to manage email on the server. I setup my Ubuntu server with serverpilot and cloudflare and it is running Wordpress just fine right I love the idea of letting someone else handle the mail server but I don't Twitter Facebook Hacker News.

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Share on Twitter. Replace previous answer? Yes, I'm sure. Changed your mind? DigitalOcean home.The Spamhaus Project is an international organisation, based in both London and Genevafounded in by Steve Linford to track email spammers and spam -related activity.

The name spamhausa pseudo-German expression, was coined by Linford to refer to an Internet service provideror other firm, which spams or knowingly provides service to spammers.

Taking Back the DNS with Response Policy Zones (RPZs)

The Spamhaus Project is responsible for compiling several widely [2] used anti-spam lists. Many [3] internet service providers and email servers use the lists to reduce the amount of spam that reaches their users.

Inthe Spamhaus services protected million email users, including the European Parliament, US Army, the White House and Microsoft, from billions of spam emails a day.

spamhaus query

The lists are offered as a free public service to low-volume mail server operators on the Internet. The Spamhaus Block List SBL [8] targets "verified spam sources including spammers, spam gangs and spam support services. The PBL lists not only dynamic IP addresses but also static addresses that should not be sending email directly to third-party servers.

Examples of such are an ISP 's core routers, corporate users required by policy to send their email via company servers, and unassigned IP addresses. It lists spam domains including spam payload URLs, spam sources and senders "right-hand side"known spammers and spam gangs, and phish, virus and malware -related sites.

It later added a zone of "abused URL shortners", a common way spammers insert links into spam emails. Such infrastructure is commonly used by cybercriminals to control malware infected computers.

The SWL is intended to allow mail servers to separate incoming email traffic into 3 categories: Good, Bad and Unknown. Only verified legitimate senders with clean reputations are approved for whitelisting and there are strict terms to keeping a Spamhaus Whitelist account. Only verified legitimate senders with clean reputations are approved for whitelisting and there are strict terms to keeping a whitelist account.

Spamhaus also provides two combined lists. It contains publicly sourced information about these persons, their domains, addresses and aliases. There is a special version of ROKSO, available to Law Enforcement Agencies, containing data on hundreds of spam gangs, with evidence, logs and information on illegal activities of these gangs, too sensitive to publish in the public part of ROKSO.

It is intended to be incorporated in firewalls and routing equipment to drop all network traffic to and from the listed blocks. The Spamhaus Project consists of a number of independent companies which focus on different aspects of Spamhaus anti-spam technology or provide services based around it.

At the core is The Spamhaus Project Ltd. Further companies include Spamhaus Logistics Corp. Spamhaus Technology Ltd. Spamhaus Research Corp. The Spamhaus Whitelist Co. Also there are several references on the Spamhaus website to The Spamhaus Foundation[22] whose charter is "to assure the long-term security of The Spamhaus Project and its work". Spamhaus had the case moved from the state court to the U.

Federal District Court for the Northern District of Illinois and asked to have the case dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. Spamhaus subsequently announced that it would ignore the judgement because default judgements issued by U. Following the ruling in its favour, e filed a motion in Federal court to attempt to force ICANN to remove the domain records of Spamhaus until the default judgement had been satisfied.

The court further ruled that removing Spamhaus's domain name registration was a remedy that was "too broad to be warranted in this case", because it would "cut off all lawful online activities of Spamhaus via its existing domain name, not just those that are in contravention" of the default judgment.

spamhaus query

Kocoras concluded, "[w]hile we will not condone or tolerate noncompliance with a valid order of this court [i. The U. In Januarye Insight LLC filed for bankruptcy and closed down, citing astronomical legal bills associated with this court case as the reason for its demise.Need support for your remote team? Check out our new promo! IT issues often require a personalized solution.

Why EE? Get Access. Log In. Web Dev. NET App Servers. We help IT Professionals succeed at work. Emails blocked by Spamhaus.

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LeighWardle asked. Medium Priority. Last Modified: Hi Experts, Some of our emails are getting blocked by Spamhaus. The reason for the problem: 5. Regards, Leigh. Start Free Trial. View Solutions Only.

John Business Consultant Owner. Most Valuable Expert This award recognizes tech experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community and go the extra mile with helpful contributions. Expert of the Year This award recognizes experts who help improve Experts Exchange with their contributions to the site, leadership and mentorship efforts, and set an example within the community.

Commented: It would appear the email is not leaving your domain.

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You would get a different message if sent and bounced back, I think. Do you have both an external IP and also an email server IP? Check both if you do. Top Expert This award recognizes someone who has achieved high tech and professional accomplishments as an expert in a specific topic. What it doesn't explain is why the email address says to request removal via their website though. Do you get the bounceback email immediately after you send the email?Need support for your remote team?

Check out our new promo! IT issues often require a personalized solution. Why EE? Get Access. Log In. Web Dev. NET App Servers. We help IT Professionals succeed at work. Blacklisted by Spamhaus - how to resolve.

spamhaus query

Michael Murphy asked. Medium Priority. Last Modified: The rejected e-mail address was Start Free Trial. View Solutions Only. Commented: You are blacklisted in many places. I would contact your Internet Provider maybe Globacom Ltd. After you have fixed the Problem s you'll need to go back to the blacklist's website and follow their specific removal process. If the email system is provided by a third party you should contact them about it so they can get it removed.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely.

Learn More. Learn how to collaborate with Office The message could not be sent. The setting for your outgoing email [SMTP] server might need to be configured. To find the server settings for [removed for privacy], please contact your email service provider.

How to query a DNSBL such as

Server Response: 5. I think it must be related to my windows firewall settings but there are so many of them I haven't a clue where to start changing any of them. Does anyone know what I should do. Thanks for posting your query. I understand that you are receiving 0xCCC79 error. As an initial troubleshooting, I suggest that you reconfigure your account by following the steps provided here on how to remove and re-add again the account. Kindly refer to this article for more information.

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Webmasters Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for pro webmasters. It only takes a minute to sign up. Here is The queries:. And SBL blacklist tells:. This ip-addresses Also note that dedicated server, ISP and customer are in much different distant countries. There are dozens of "abusers" in that blacklist SBL Even if to treat it, it is just a matter of pressing "Report spam" on internet to be again blacklisted, this is fruitless approach. These techniques are broadly used by criminals and spammersSee also this my post on blacklisting.

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Active 3 months ago. Viewed 15k times. How to remove this individual This is only one example of a bunch. My related posts: Blacklist IP database Update: From the answer provided I realized that my question was not even understood.

This is just one specific example but there are many-many more. Active Oldest Votes.Need support for your remote team? Check out our new promo! Select all Open in new window. IT issues often require a personalized solution.

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Why EE? Get Access. Log In. Web Dev. NET App Servers. We help IT Professionals succeed at work. Johnjces asked. Medium Priority. Last Modified: I am stumped! On several occasions I have tried to query a dnsbl such as zen. In my Googling, it seems as though you query the domain against the dnsbl using an A record and supposedly the results return, X and using the appropriate return you have an idea of why that domain is listed in the dnsbl. This does not work.

Setting a known dns server such as opendns, resolver1. When setting the dns to a dnsbl, i. I fail. No return and no nothing. It generally freezes since I am playing and have no error checking.

I know that you can use http to query the dnsbl, but that is not the way they want you to do it. I cannot find and have been unsuccessful in Googling out exactly how you properly query a dnsbl via some code esp in Delphi using an Indy component.

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